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Health care plans are incredibly important to your employees. Many times, they are the most carefully examined employee benefit and having a competitive plan can increase the appeal of your company greatly. We are here to help make sure that you are providing a health care plan that benefits both your company and your employees.

Health care costs increase with some regularity, so you should be continually reevaluating your benefit offerings. That’s where we come in, to handle the process of determining what is going to be the most effective solution for your company.

We also ensure that your program is compliant with all IRS and Department of Labor regulations. This can be a minefield for a company to deal with on their own, as regulations change often and keeping up-to-date with all of the changes is a complicated process.

We are invaluable in the selection of a health benefit provider and help with the process of evaluating which provider will best suit your company’s needs. Once a provider has been selected, we also assist in the negotiation process to procure their services and manage the provider account.

We are skilled at plan design modeling and we perform claims and health risk analysis to find the plan that is right for your employees. We also perform discrimination testing to ensure that your plan follow current law and regulations surrounding health benefit provision.

Employee contribution and pricing is a major point in the plan development, so we work closely with your company to find a fair level of investment from all parties. It is important that the employees feel that their plan is fair and beneficial without putting your company at a loss.

We can also help to develop a well-being plan with incentives for your employees to defer costs in favor of a healthier workforce who require less care. Additionally, we can look into offering health care solutions for retirees.

If you already have a health care plan in place for your employees, we are happy to evaluate your current offering and look for places where we can improve your effectiveness and create the best benefit for your company and your employees. We will get to know your company and shop around for you to provide you with new options or ways to alter your current plan to best fit your needs.

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“I don’t have to worry about the 401k because you will tell me what I need to do when I need to do it… thanks!”

– Chris G.


“Thank you so much for providing this information (company newsletter) in an email blast. It’s so helpful!”

– Anne S.

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“As our small engineering firm grew to 35 employees we knew that we needed to establish a 401k plan to assist with retirement planning and keep our guys happy. Thankfully a friend referred me to Noble Davis because they are reliable, professional and also locally owned which matters to us. Our services and experience with the staff and owner of Noble Davis over the past three years have been top notch. Our account manager Kezia Gale is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Her assistance with the annual reporting and paperwork has saved me hours of time and frustration! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

– Traci N.

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