Like a lot of companies throughout the country, Noble-Davis has had the vast majority of its employees working from home for the past few weeks. Turns out setting up computers and phones was not the biggest obstacle for some employees, but rather adapting their home environment to office work. Simple tasks like calling a client now require a little more thought, when you have little ones running around the house or a pet that needs attention. Not only are our employees adjusting but their families are adjusting. For some, finding an area of their home to take over as an office has been a challenge.

All in all though, the transition has gone very well and at times has provided some comic relief. It’s been fun to see a dog head come into the picture during a Zoom meeting or to hear kids giggling in the background. At one point a bright, pink wig was donned to cover up a cancelled hair appointment. No one knows when we will be able to return to the office but for now we are settling into our new normal and keeping on top of our business duties.

As we have stated before, we do not foresee any interruption with our services. All mailings and quarterly statements will go out as usual and your plan consultant is just as easy to reach as before the pandemic began. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Retirement law is changing rapidly and we are working diligently to stay on top of the new rules and update our procedures and paperwork. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to walking through the other side of this crisis together.