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Student Loan Match

Many employees in today’s workforce find themselves with a large amount of student debt and the expense of paying down that debt can keep them from contributing to their retirement plan. In the face of this, employers are increasingly exploring... Read more

Force Out Distributions

These distributions are known by many names: force out distributions, mandatory cash out distributions, automatic rollovers, or involuntary distributions. Although they are known by different names, they all function the same way. A Plan Sponsor must automatically “cash-out” a participant’s... Read more
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Profit Sharing Plans

What can you do to keep your workforce satisfied? Experts admit that keeping personnel content can be difficult even in the best of economic times. Convincing them that they have a direct impact on the business, and making sure that... Read more

It’s Not Just About Salary

While the bottom-line figure for a new employee’s wage or salary is clearly always going to be important, it is increasingly clear workers are looking for more. Employees want to enjoy going to work – after all it is where... Read more

New DOL Electronic Disclosure Rules

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued electronic disclosure rules for retirement plans. The rules now allow the use of electronic disclosure as a default method of disclosure if certain conditions are met. In the past, paper notices and statements... Read more
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Charity Idea – Donations using Payroll Deductions

Every quarter Noble-Davis Consulting’s charity committee selects a worthy organization in Northeast Ohio to help. In the past we have been able to ask our employees to bring in food or clothing donations during our charity drives; however, during the... Read more
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