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Qualified Child Births and Adoptions

One of the less talked about provisions of the Secure Act is the allowance of in-service distributions for qualified child births and adoptions, otherwise known as a “QBAD”. In November, the IRS provided guidance for how these distributions are to... Read more


E-signatures are quickly becoming a part of the retirement industry. As processes become paperless, they lend themselves to the efficiency of an electronic signature. E-signatures are a safe and legal way to give consent or approval on an electronic document... Read more
Fraud Alert stamp

Fraud Alert

Identity theft is on the rise in the state of Ohio. Many Ohioans have had their identities stolen and used to file fraudulent unemployment claims. The fraud is not known till paperwork for the claim arrives at an employer or... Read more

Loan Defaults

Although offering loans in your 401(k) plan is not required, many plans offer this feature. Such a feature allows a plan participant to withdraw pre-tax money from their plan account without incurring taxes on the withdrawal. Generally, 401(k) loans are... Read more
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