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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order means another person has a right to all or a portion of your retirement account. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) recognizes the right of another person (called an alternate payee and typically a spouse,... Read more

Participant Notice Guide

Retirement Plans have lots of different notices that are required to be shared with participants. Unfortunately, all of this paper can be overwhelming at times. Here’s a breakdown of what notices you might receive and what they mean. Safe Harbor... Read more

Retirement Plan Terminology

Beneficiary Form — This form is used to list who you would like to receive your retirement funds in the event you pass away. Catch-Up Contributions — A contribution that allows people aged 50 or older to make additional contributions... Read more

Rollover Rules

Rolling over your money to a different plan is a smart move — this chart shows what you’re allowed to do. ROLL TO ROLL FROM IRA SEP – IRA SIMPLE IRA Roth IRA 457(b) 403(b) Qualified Plan Designated Roth Account IRA... Read more

COVID-19 Concerns

This is an unprecedented time. We are here to answer your concerns about the effect of the Coronavirus on your retirement plan. Loans Participant loans are available to those who qualify. Loan payments are still due to the plan as... Read more

Participant Website Guide

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