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My Retirement Planner

On your Dashboard, you will see a box titled “Track Retirement” that projects the monthly income your account balance is estimated to produce when you reach retirement age.

Use the arrow at the upper right to quickly edit your retirement income goal or retirement age. Use the drop down arrow to quickly adjust your contribution election, see the breakdown of your assets or the projection details.

For a more thorough analysis, click on MY RETIREMENT ANALYSIS at the bottom of the box to get started.

screenshot of track retirement

screenshot of my retirement analysis

Tab 1 –
About You
Use this screen to enter information about your spouse (if applicable). Then click “Next”.
Tab 2 – Setup Enter information regarding your income (and your spouse’s if applicable), desired retirement age and risk tolerance. You can always click on the “return arrow” at any time in the program to have the system calculate the default value. When finished, click “Next”.
Tab 3 – Income Enter information about your Social Security income and any other retirement income you may have (for example – a pension). Then click “Next”.
Tab 4 – Assets Enter information about any other retirement or savings accounts you plan to use in retirement. Then click “Next”.
Tab 5 – Results On this tab, choose your risk tolerance after retirement and the probability of success you want to achieve. The Withdrawal Rate at the top of the screen
will change depending on your choices. This estimates the amount that you can withdraw from your account monthly in retirement. Then click “Next”.
Tab 6 – Comparison You can use this tab to enter information about your expected expenses at retirement and compare them to the amount your retirement assets are estmated to provide. Then click “Next”.
Tab 7 – What If This screen shows you how your estimated retirement income will change based on contributing more to your account today.

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