Recently, Noble-Davis Consulting added a new section to our website called the Participant Education Center. This new section can be found under the Resource Center tab located at the top of any page on our website.

The Participant Education Center contains articles geared for participants that may not have a lot of experience with retirement plans. The top of the page starts with a Frequently Asked Questions section that covers questions about distributions and loans. We receive a lot of phone calls about distributions and loans and have narrowed down the most common questions that participants have.

We also included a section on Retirement Plan Terminology to help participants understand the various terms used in the retirement plan world. Different types of distributions are explained as well as different deferral types and vesting. It is a great resource for participants and sponsors.

Probably the most informative section of the education center is the Welcome to Your Retirement Plan section. Here, we explain why participating in a 401(k) plan is beneficial. We also outline the forms they will need to fill out to enroll and what notices they will be receiving as a participant in the plan.

We hope our new Participant Education Center helps participants to increase their knowledge and navigate the future. Please let us know if you have any suggestions since we are always looking to add more information.