We at Noble-Davis are excited to announce a change in how Rate of Return is presented for clients using our recordkeeping services. Traditionally, we have provided a model based on a participant’s Personal Rate of Return. This shows each participant what their return has been on their own investments, based on a given date range. We have now added an additional way of looking at Rate of Return, not based on the participant’s individual rate of return, but based on each fund’s overall market performance. This new method, provided by Morningstar, Inc. allows us to present to participants a range of data for each fund in the plan.

This data will begin appearing on participant statements, and for plans that have web access, you can easily look at Rate of Return data for every fund in your plan. To do so, select Investment Information from the Performance tab.

On the Investment Information screen, select “Investment returns” from the Profile Views dropdown. That will bring up the Rate of Return for every fund available in the plan, in an array of date ranges: 1 month, 3 month, YTD, 1 Year, 3 Year, and 5 year. At a glance, the participant can see how each fund in the plan is performing, compared to the other funds in the plan.

Participants will still have the ability to see their Personal Rate of Return, as they always have, by selecting “Personal Rate of Return” from the Performance dropdown. Personal Rate of Return can only be calculated for funds that a participant has been invested in for a year or longer.