"Contributions" Articles

EmployER Contribution Deadline – WHO KNEW?

By now, you have heard of the Department of Labor’s regulations for qualified retirement plans regarding the timing of the deposit of EMPLOYEE contributions (Pre-tax and Roth) and loan repayments to the plan trust. BUT… Did you know that there... Read more

What is a Catch-Up Contribution?

Participants who make elective deferrals under an employer plan and have attained age 50 are eligible to make additional contributions above their normal Deferral Limit. What type of plans may permit catch-up contribution? If elected under the terms of the... Read more

A guide to Roth 401(K) contributions

What is the difference between regular 401(k) contributions and Roth 401(k) contributions? When a participant defers pay to a regular 401(k) account, the amount is taken from their pay on a pre-tax basis. They won’t be taxed until they withdraw... Read more
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