Calendar of Due Dates

Stay on top of your retirement plan’s mandatory deadlines! Here are some important dates in the upcoming months.

(Please note that filing dates are for calendar year plans. Non-calendar year plans must adjust these dates.)

Date: Sun May 15, 2022

Deadline for participant-directed plans to supply participants with the quarterly benefit statements for the March 31st quarter

Date: Thu June 30, 2022

Corrective distributions due for failed ADP/ACP Testing from a plan with an eligible automatic contribution arrangement (EACA) (without employer 10% excise tax).

Date: Sun July 31, 2022

Annual Form 5500 report and schedules due to be filed electronically with DOL (without extension).

Date: Sun July 31, 2022

Form 5330 and excise tax due on prohibited transactions (i.e.: late 401(k) deposits).

Date: Sun August 14, 2022

Second Quarter PPA Statements due for participant directed plans.

Date: Thu September 15, 2022

Extended deadline for filing of corporate tax returns and contribution deadline for deductibility.

Date: Fri September 30, 2022

Summary Annual Report due to participants (if Form 5500 not extended).

Date: Sat October 15, 2022

Extended deadline for filing Plan’s annual Form 5500 filing.

Date: Mon November 14, 2022

Third quarter PPA Statements due for participant directed plans. Quarterly fee disclosure documentation also due to plan participants.

Date: Fri December 02, 2022

Last date to send out annual notices for safe harbor, QDIA and automatic enrollment plans.

Date: Sun January 01, 2023

Check Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) to consider the effects of any annual increases on deferral and catch up amounts.

Date: Tue January 31, 2023

1099-R Forms are due to participants who received distributions in the prior year.

Date: Tue February 14, 2023

Fourth quarter PPA Statements and quarterly Fee Disclosure documents due for participant directed plans.

Date: Tue February 28, 2023

Deadline to file Form 1099-R with the IRS, if not filed electronically, to report distributions for the previous year.

Date: Wed March 15, 2023

Deadline for distributing ADP/ACP refunds without incurring a 10% excise tax on the employer for plans with a December 31 year end.

Date: Wed March 15, 2023

Employer contributions are due to the retirement plan’s trust for S-Corporations and partnerships with December 31 fiscal year ends, in order to take deductions with no corporate extension.

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